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The Office of Hispanic Relations is creating connections between districts, church leaders, local congregations, and the ministry departments of the National Leadership & Resource Center of the Assemblies of God. Hispanic Relations seeks to develop and provide Spanish language resources for leaders, churches, and ministries.

People of Hispanic origin have grown to be the largest ethnic or racial minority in the United States, constituting a population of 57.5 million or 17.8% of the nation’s total population. Hispanic adherents within the AG has grown to 718,785 (22.2%) in 2016 from 540,431 (19.1%) in 2006. This growing demographic of the AG is served by over 2,800 Hispanic churches and 3,793 credentialed ministers as of 2016.

The top 4 complexities of resourcing the growing Hispanic church are:

  • Mixed demographic of U.S. and international born members,
  • Churches that conduct ministry in English and Spanish,
  • Multi-generational churches reaching an aging population and the youngest ethnic minority group in the U.S. with a median age of 28, and
  • Churches that are growing and thriving amid challenges related to legal immigration, family security, as well as, economic and employment uncertainty.