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US Missions

Welcome to U.S. Missions!

U.S. Missions is the stateside missions organization for the Assemblies of God. The U.S. Missions team consists of missionaries, chaplains, and project volunteers who are in strategic locations across our nation. These men and women reach people who may never walk into a church.

According to the Joshua Project, a research initiative of unreached ethnic groups, the United States has an unreached population of almost 10.5 million. We are clearly not finished reaching our country with the gospel! U.S. Missions partners with churches and districts to extend their reach and connect with people outside their circles of influence. Through rock climbing chaplains to campus ministries to ministry to immigrants and beyond, U.S. Missions is dedicated to reaching the lost here in the United States.

Make sure you check out the Seven Windows of U.S. Missions—these are the seven main paths by which the U.S. Missions team connects to people across the United States.

Like what you read and see? We have opportunities for everyone to get involved in missions—as prayer partners, donors, and even participants. It truly takes a team to reach America with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

To fulfill the Great Commission in the United States through missionaries, chaplains, and project volunteers

Our Vision

U.S. Missions will establish a replication presence through its missionaries, chaplains, and project volunteers in every special needs group, ethnic group, and cultural environment in America to execute the Great Commissions so that none perish.

Core Values

Teamwork with communication and excellence
Excellence with integrity
Accountability with authenticity
Missional with vision

Seven Windows to America

With an overview of each of the Seven Windows of U.S. Missions, this brochure is the perfect introduction to missions work right here in the United States. Keep these in an ongoing display or distribute them when a missionary comes to speak. English and Spanish versions available.

Chaplaincy Ministries Information Brochure

Do you want to become a chaplain or learn more about the requirements for Chaplaincy? This booklet details the steps and requirements for all areas of Chaplaincy ministry. For an application, please contact [email protected] or call 1-417-862-2781.

Why Reach the Campus?

Contains a brief overview of Chi Alpha and a clear presentation of why reaching college students with the Gospel is so vital. It was specifically designed for use in churches.

Where to Find Us

Gives a brief overview of what Chi Alpha Campus Ministries is and a snapshot of where our groups are located.